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Latest Updates & New Additions

Google My Business Auto Post Module for Stackposts01/25/20212.0.1
userTrack – Private Analytics with Mouse Heatmaps and Full Visitor Recording01/25/20213.2.5
nMon – Website, Service & Server Monitoring01/25/20211.9
66 Analytics – Analytics & Session Tracking (Extended License)01/25/20211.4.1
Powerfull Exchange System Pro01/25/20213.2.8
iProfile – Multiuser Profile & Resume Script (SASS)01/25/20211.6
TokenLite – ICO STO Token Sale Management Dashboard – ICO Admin Script01/25/20211.1.7
ProInvest – CryptoCurrency and Online Investment Platform01/25/20211.3
Cryptomania Exchange Pro 2 – cryptocurrency trade01/25/20212.0.4
CryptoExchanger – Advanced E-Currency Exchanger and Converter01/25/20214.1
Vehicle Management System With Live GPS Tracking01/25/20213.1
AccountGo SaaS – Accounting and Billing Tool01/25/20212.1
Lagom WHMCS Theme + Email Template01/25/20211.5.2
emart – Laravel Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Advanced CMS01/25/20211.3
Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS01/25/20212.5
Real-Time Messenger (websocket) & Music Plugin for WoWonder Social Network (Free audiovideo calls)01/25/20211.0.0
Custom SMS & Email Notifications for Perfex CRM01/25/20211.0e
Nexelit – Multipurpose Website & Business Management System CMS01/25/20211.7
Hosting Billing – Domain and Web Hosting Invoicing System with CMS01/25/20211.4
Shipboard SaaS – Team Collaboration System01/25/20211.2.2
Rose Business Suite – Accounting, CRM and POS Software01/25/20212.1
Fleet Manager01/25/20214.0.3
Wave – Powerful Freelance Marketplace System with ability to change the Users01/25/20211.7.7
TruelySell – On-demand Service Marketplace, nearby Service Finder and Bookings Web, Android and iOS01/25/20211.0.2
DigMart – Multivendor Digital MarketPlace PHP01/25/20213.6.0
Max Profit – Online Multipurpose Investment Platform01/25/20212.2
GN Cab Management – Ionic Cab Booking, Taxi Booking Android & iPhone App, PHP Codeigniter01/25/20211.0.1
Active eCommerce Paytm add-on01/25/20211.0
Active eCommerce OTP add-on01/25/20211.2
Active eCommerce Club Point Add-on01/25/20211.0
SuperCache Module for Foodomaa01/25/20211.0
Active eCommerce Seller Subscription Add-on01/25/20211.0
XeroVidd – Complete YouTube Marketing Application01/25/20211.1
wappBot – Chat Bot Powered by Artificial Intelligence #1 [PHP Version]01/25/202130 May 20
Social Existence01/25/20211.0
PixelPhoto – The Ultimate Image Sharing & Photo Social Network Platform01/25/20211.4.1
Nextpost Api Updates 2020 (Monthly Update)01/25/20211.0.39
Anonymous – Secret Confessions Social Network01/25/20214.4
Anofie Pro – Anonymous Feedback System Remastered01/25/20211.0.2
Worth My Site – Website Value Calculator01/25/20211.9.9
Workday – A Time Clock Application For Employees01/25/20214.1
WhoisBooks Domain Whois Lookup PHP Script01/25/20211.2
Wallet King – Online Payment Gateway with API01/25/202114 November
VMark Video Watermark – Crop – Trim PHP Script01/25/20213.2
Venus Alumni Association01/25/20214.06
Slippa – Domains & Website Marketplace PHP Script01/25/20212.1
ProWallet – Electronic Online Wallet01/25/20212.0
phpWallet – e-wallet and online payment gateway system01/25/20213.4
PHP Form Builder01/25/20214.5.0
LicenseBox – PHP License and Updates Manager01/25/20211.4.0
Instant Domain Search Script01/25/20213.0
Global DNS – Multiple Server – DNS Propagation Checker – PHP01/25/20211.1
Zender – Android Mobile Devices as SMS Gateway (SaaS Platform)01/25/20211.0
XeroSEO – The Most Complete Visitor Analytics & SEO Tools01/25/20216.1.7
Web-cart – Multi Vendor eCommerce Marketplace01/25/20212.13
ProWriters – Sell writing services online01/25/20211.0
HighExpress – The Ultimate PHP Multi-Vendor eCommerce Marketplace01/25/20211.0.4
ChargePanda – Sell Downloads, Files and Services (PHP Script)01/25/20211.2.2
Vue File Manager with Laravel – Your Private Cloud01/25/20211.6.3
Filex – File Uploader with Expiration01/25/20211.2
Bulk Upload for GoStock01/25/20211.7
Video Streaming Portal (TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Videos Streaming, Live TV)01/25/20211.1
Soundify – The Ultimate DeepSound Theme01/25/20211.3
MoFlix – Ultimate PHP Script For Movie & TV Shows01/25/20211.0.2
Make Your Own TinyPNG01/25/202114 September 19
Imager – Simple Image Hosting Script01/25/20211.0
UR-Advisor – Online Advisor and Questionnaire Tool01/25/202110 April 20
TrueSupport – Support Tickets System & Knowledge Base01/25/20211.1
PHP Trusted Reviews01/25/20211.0.7
InfyChat – Laravel Chat App (Private + Group Chat)01/25/20213.3.0
HelpDesk 3 – The professional Support Solution01/25/20213.5.5
Best Support System-Live Web Chat & Client Support Desk & Support Ticket Help Centre01/25/20212.2.2
Nishue CryptoCurrency Buy Sell Exchange and Lending with MLM System Live Crypto Compare Retail01/25/20211.9
CryptWallet – Crypto Currency Web Wallet Pro01/25/20211.9
Cpocket – Cryptocurrency Wallet01/25/20211.2
Smart Cash – Multi Company Accounts Billing & Inventory (SaaS)01/25/20213.1
Simple Invoice Manager01/25/20213.6.11
Repairer Pro – Repairs, HRM, CRM & much more01/25/20211.2
Partnership Management System01/25/20211.0.1
KingMatrix – Dynamic Matrix MLM Platform01/25/20211.0
Inilabs School Express School Management System01/25/20214.5
InfixLMS – Open Source Learning Management System VueJs01/25/20211.1
Infix – School Management System Software01/25/20215.0
Foxtrot – Customer, Invoice and Expense Management System01/25/20211.0.0
ElitKit – All In One SaaS Business Suit01/25/20211.5
Cargo Pro – Courier System01/25/20213.0.0
XeroBizz – Best Google My Business Management Software01/25/20211.1
Unlimited Edu Firm School & College Information Management System01/25/20212.0
Zixer – Multipurpose Website & Construction Business Company CMS01/25/20211.0.2
Urbainx – Modern Directory Listing Script Theme01/25/202115 April 20
Mybay – Fully Automated Advanced eBay Affiliate Script01/25/20211.5
Kartero – Delivery and Pickup Services PHP Script01/25/20211.7
Instant Job Search Engine Aggregator01/25/20214.1
FoodTiger – Food Delivery – Multiple Restaurants01/25/20211.4.0
Fofo – Laravel Formfolio for Freelancer & Agencies Theme01/25/20211.0.3
eBook – Laravel CMS Script01/25/20212.0.1

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