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We believe in the open source community and we believe that the digital world must be available and accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, premium product authors refuse to disassociate code support, define no regional price differences, and rarely offer discounts to students, low wages, or youth. We are providing a third way by redistributing code without unnecessary extras and not selling premium products to earn money, we have made money to bring more premium products to Ever GPL.
GPL is short for “General Public License”. WordPress is open source software released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It was created by another project with a GPL license; This means that developers of plugins, themes, add-ons, extensions and Scripts PHP follow the GPL license. At Ever GPL, we provide fully licensed files under GNU GPL, as well as WordPress.
We can faithfully commit to ensuring that the Plugins and Themes for WordPress and Scripts PHP we have on our site are 100% identical to those distributed by the official developer. There are only a few minimal cases where the code is slightly modified to include the demos that the themes themselves bring into your purchase. This is because, generally, to use demo content, the theme must be activated with the license.
Installation only. If you need technical support regarding a Plugin or Theme, you will need to either purchase the product directly from the author (link provided) or hire a freelancer to take a look at you. Alternatively, you can ask in some of the WordPress community forums.
For payments, we use one of the most secure online payment methods in the world, Paypal. Pay via credit / debit card, bank slip or balance from your Paypal wallet.
For all those you wish, there are no restrictions on the number of websites you wish to use the products you have purchased from us. The Plugins and Themes are licensed by GPL and you can use them as often as needed. Have a friend building a website? Share our Plugins and Themes with them too.
The file provided is exactly the same as the one provided by the product developer. Usually this package comes with the plugin, theme or Scripts PHP, its documentation and some demo content (in some cases).
In general, products must be downloaded immediately after the purchase is successful.
We do not provide, rent or resell license keys. All products offered on this site are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). You do not need license keys to use in your projects, no matter how many products you need. License keys are required only if you wish to receive automatic updates and support from the author of a Plugin or Theme for WordPress or Script PHP.
At Ever GPL, you can purchase a single Plugin or a Single Theme for the price you see advertised, however you can also have a low cost monthly subscription and have access to over 3,700 Themes and Plugins from all over the site.
Ever GPL does not provide licenses for any of the products sold on our site. That's why Plugins or Purchased Themes are not supported. Lack of technical support considerably reduces the cost of the product to the end customer.
Yes, all our products are 100% authentic. We have active signature from the author (s) of each product. We download the product and redistribute it for you. These downloads are not altered at all.
Yes, we are constantly updating the Plugins and Themes for WordPress and Scripts PHP available in our repository and always adding new items.
Of course yes. With the purchase of a single Plugin or Theme, you will have updates for 1 month. Or, if you have a subscription, you will receive all updates of all Plugins and Themes you download.
You can visit the Ever GPL website without registering. However, to purchase any of our products, you must register for a completely free account. When creating an account, we will ask about some information, for example. your name and email. If you decide to purchase any of our products, you will also be asked to send more information to our third party payment processors.
You can see your invoices in your user account in the ordering section.
Yes, all WooCommerce themes, plugins, add-ons and extensions for WordPress and Scripts PHP that are distributed by our repository are 100% open source with GNU GPL.
Use the purchased product for personal or customer websites.
You may not offer them for redistribution or resale of any kind.
Consider hiding license activation reminders through a Plugin such as “Disable admin notices individually”. This is a very popular free plugin in the WordPress community. Check the official documentation for more information!
You can ignore these requests. Developers include these keys to be able to automatically update their Plugin or Theme and allow you to register for support. The item itself will work perfectly fine without entering a license key. We recommend that you update your Plugins and Themes manually as updates become available on our site.
Yes. All items will continue to function normally and you are free to keep them if you wish. Be aware that you will need an active subscription with us if you wish to access future updates.
No. Sorry, we'll have to be a little hard on that. Given the nature of digital content that can be downloaded instantly after purchase; There is no “trial period” or “grace period,” which means all sales are final. Once you download an item, there is no way on how to "return" it. For this reason, we do not issue refunds for digital products.
We assume that you are an adult and responsible for your actions. Ever GPL does not issue refunds for digital products after the order is confirmed and the product ships. We may issue a refund if the product you purchased is not fully functional and the store owner cannot help resolve the issue or if there is a misrepresentation in the product description. When making a purchase, double check that you are purchasing the desired product.
We will respond to your request within 24 hours (in rare cases it may be longer) and only on business days (Monday to Friday).
Do not worry! - just get in touch!
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